Thursday, November 17, 2011

Always a good time to weed!

Are you having a hard time finding what you want to wear in your closet? Do you say to yourself I have nothing to wear. You are not alone. It's time to weed out your closet. I know it can be hard to let go of your favorite things. But those favorite things are getting in the way. Blocking and hiding the treasures you are really trying to find. You have gold in your closet that you can't see because it's behind your old prom dress. That business suit that could be wardrobe from Designing Women! Don't feel bad I have seen this situation a hundred times. Here's what you do. Have a drink. If you don't drink, start. Kidding. Have a friend over that is loving but has no filter. And let the weeding begin.

It's easy. If it still has tags and more dust on it then a mail box on a dirt road, get rid of it. You don't remember ever having it? It's gone. Your friend says it's perfect for a clown. What do you think? It was your favorite outfit in 1979. Do I need to say more? When you let go of all these "wonderful" items you will be left with apparel you never knew you had. And the best part is you have made room for new things.

With your new organized closet you will have no problem finding what you want. Getting ready will never be so easy. And just think of all the people you helped get ready for Halloween with what you got rid of. I suggest you go through your closets seasonly. If you are on the fence about something try it on. There is no better way. Good luck! Keep me posted on your closet journey.

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