Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who Has Good Jeans?

We all have our favorite pair. But it's not always easy finding them. When we do, we live in them. Now a days jeans come in every shape, color and style. For me the fit is key. We all look at our butt first. If that is working we're off to a good start. Then there's the rise. Low, super low, high, too high and somewhere just right. Truly find what is right for you. You don't want it too low. When you sit and you can see 3 inches of crack, to quote Miss Houston that's "wack". Please don't do the mom jeans. No pant should have a 9 inch zipper. Have fun with different shapes and styles. It took me a few years but I finally got on board with skinny jeans. I didn't like the way they looked on people. Saggy in the butt. Worn too low. Too skinny in the leg making the body look deformed. Get them with a little stretch and they with hug you in all your good parts. I love my Levi 511's. I have them in black, white, and grey. Amazing fit and great price. Just around $54.00. You always need a dark blue on hand. Girbaud sent me a pair that I just love! They have a little stretch in them and the fit is perfect. If you are old enough to remember Girboud's from the 80's, guess what their back. Minus the acid wash.
If you have an hour glass figure a wide leg can elongate your leg. And narrow you hip. Have fun with color but keep the embellishments simple. Stay away from pig pockets and studs. That will only add bulk and weight to places you don't want. And will be out dated much faster. Keeping it simple and classic is much better. And when you find a pair that fits you like a glove buy more then one pair! One more thing. Try things on. And force yourself to look in the mirror. See if you can sit and move normally . Before you buy.

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