Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tailor Made!

It's all about the fit. How to get the most out of your clothing. Very few people get a perfect fit right off the rack. If you are one of the blessed ones, I hope you are getting paid for it. It you're not a fit model here's what to do. Know your size. I work with so many people that are simply wearing the wrong size. Sizes haves changed over the last 30 years. What use to be an 8 or 10 is now a 4 or 6. Let's face it women like smaller numbers when it comes to a dress size. My stylish mother Carolyn for years was a size 8. Then they took that 8 and made it a 4. What happened? My mother was buying the wrong size. Even though she was now a size 4 she thought once and 8 always an 8. Because her weight never changed. I know, we hate her. It was hard for her to shake that old number 8. It took a little work and convincing but I did it!

A good tailor can be your best friend. You know your size. You tried it on and looked in the mirror from every angle. But you still need a little tweaking. Do it. Spend the money and make it fit right all over. We all have our favorite suit, dress, blazer, pant or skirt. And why do we love it so much? Because it fits us PERFECT!!!

If you are in LA Crown Cleaners does a great job. And they don't break the bank. I had 8 blazer's I was not wearing because I did not like the fit. I Took them to Crown Cleaners on Fairfax and I can't wait to wear them!

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